Golfing during the winter doesn’t have to be uncomfortable. Luckily, there is golf gear on the market that will get players through the winter months. Certain body parts need to be kept warm in the winter, and golfers should be aware of what they are. It is easier for golfers to stay warm when they walk between holes instead of driving a golf cart. The walk keeps blood flowing, resulting in muscles that stay limber.

One of the products on the market to keep golfers warm during the winter is the Adidas Golf A74 Men’s Performance Training Top. Made entirely of polyester, its lightweight means it is comfortable to play in. Golfers can quickly move around in this top that helps them maintain normal body temperature. The only downside to this top is that it is not waterproof.

Another product on the market that golfers swear by is HJ’s Winter Extreme Golf Gloves. The colder it is out, the better these gloves are to wear. Its triple-layer includes waterproof material so rain and snow never soak through to the skin. The cuffs are extended to keep players’ arms warm and shield their wrists from harsh wind. With velcro closure, the gloves are easy to put on and take off. They are thick enough to be warm but not cumbersome to users.

The Nike Storm Fit Hyperadapt Full-Zip Golf Jacket boasts a waterproof outer layer. The fabric used to make the jacket is a combination of laminate and microfiber polyester. The stretchiness of the material is perfect for golfers because it doesn’t restrict their arm and shoulder movements.

For a warm winter hat, golfers can rely on the Titleist Pom Pom Winter Beanie. The one size fits all hat is made of acrylic fiber. When it comes to pants, golfers can’t go wrong with Under Armour’s UA Infrared ColdGear Golf Pants. They are resistant to water and wind but are easy to move around in. The inside layer is soft enough that it can be worn all day long. The pants even include sweat-wicking technology so users stay warm without sweating.

All of these pieces of golf gear make playing during the winter enjoyable. Designed with golfers in mind, they are made to last.