Traditionally, golf is a sport that most people identify with spring or summer. For the great game’s most diehard players, however, the winter months can offer freely-available tee-times, fun seasonal challenges, and excellent opportunities for relaxation and practice. Here are just a few courses in New Jersey that provide winter players a great chance to get their training in, and why so many golfers love calling New Jersey home.

  1. Heron Glen Golf Course, Ringoes

As one of the most beautiful courses in the state, Heron Glen offers visitors a chance to hone their golfing chops during the quiet winter months. Fans of the outdoors will appreciate Heron Glen’s secluded feel and beautiful scenery; a relative newcomer to the New Jersey golfing scene, the course is already establishing itself as one of the best places to golf in the region.

  1. Neshanic Valley Golf Course, Neshanic Station

With its design throwbacks to the sport’s Scottish roots, Neshanic Valley is one of the New Jersey golfing community’s best-kept secrets. With wonderful natural obstacles and genuinely stunning scenery at every turn, Neshanic’s tranquil surroundings are a winter golfer’s dream come true.

  1. Pines Course and Bay Course, The Seaview Hotel and Golf Club, Galloway

A favorite with locals for years, the Seaview Golf Club offers golfers a chance to relax and unwind in style during the winter season. As its name would suggest, the Pines Course provides golfers with a pastoral atmosphere and charming, woodsy feel. The Bay Course has a more traditional setting, and its open pastures call up images of age-old Scottish links. For golf fans, the Seaview is a definite must-visit.

  1. Knob Hill Golf Course, Englishtown

A lovely spot to get away from it all, Knob Hill’s charming course seems to be straight out of an English countryside retreat. The course’s rustic charm will make it a favorite with golfers who want to get in some practice during colder months. It is easy to see why Knob Hill is such a favorite with locals as it is set within a beautiful and pastoral atmosphere.

Whatever type of golf course you’re looking for to hone your golf chops in winter, New Jersey is sure to offer something spectacular. At these charming courses, golfers can relax and enjoy a perfect game. Honestly, that is golf at its best!