Golf is a sport that can be very difficult to formulate accurate predictions for. On a whim, players can fall into a major slump or perform better than expected, and no one really knows how things will play out. 2019’s PGA Tour predictions are no different. Fans are already beginning to wonder if Tiger Woods will secure his 15th majors win. Other fans are wondering if Patrick Reed will finally defect and join up with the International Squad. Only time will tell, however, if one thing can be accurately predicted, it’s that this year’s PGA will be exciting as always.

Tiger Will Slump

Whether he wins or loses the 2019 PGA Tour, at some point during the play-action he will inevitably slump for several rounds. Fans will also predictably panic, as they do every single year. The news will begin flooding the internet with articles asking “what is wrong with Tiger this year?” He will eventually pull out of the slump like he always does.

Bethpage Weather Problems

It is very likely that the world-renowned Bethpage course will suffer from some weather problems at least once during the tour, delaying the action for a day or two. Experts are already advising fans planning on attending the tour in-person to bring a change of clothes, a large umbrella, and plenty of rain gear.

Bryson DeChambeau Will Continue to Draw Ire

Bryson DeChambeau has been locked in a nasty battle with the United States Golf Association (USGA) over his insistence on using an extremely unorthodox putter and a golfing compass. Despite his penchant for fighting with the league, he is also predicted to be a leader in this year’s PGA run.

A No-Name Could Win a Major

It happened in 2015 and 2016. Don’t be surprised if one of the majors is won by a no-name golfer that no one has heard of before. Long shot winners always have a chance and this year is no different. This year’s roster looks really solid and competitive, so a new golf star could be born.

Justin Thomas Will Likely Take Control

This year’s predicted winner is overwhelmingly Justin Thomas. Having won 8 separate events over the last two seasons alone, it is unlikely that anyone else will be able to keep up with his groundbreaking momentum.